20 Dec

Client of the month – Eliza Buckley

Eliza came to Bodypro 30th October 2019 wanting to lose a little weight, get in shape and generally improve exercise and nutrition consistency. She was already attending spinning and other gym classes 2-3 times a week but wanted to add to this some resistance/ gym training to challenge her and see what she could achieve. Eliza has taken on board all...

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13 Nov

Client of the month – Denver Thornton

This months client of the month is Denver Thornton. Denver has been training at Bodypro for 12 months now and has made steady progress in the first 6 months,  we thought it was important to build up his fitness levels gradually to ensure he didn't feel over worked. Over the summer months Denver has significantly increased his training intensity and...

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04 Oct

Client of the month – Kevin Kelly

Client of the month goes to Kevin Kelly. Kevin came to us with aim of loosing a little bit of weight and improving his general fitness. He came to train with us, initially, twice a week while he gained an understanding of exercises and exercise technique. We set some goals early on based on his fitness tests and body composition...

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09 Aug

Client of the month – the mighty hike team

Client of the Month July 2019 This month the award goes to a group of clients who took part in the Mighty Hike. This was a 26 mile walk over tough hilly terrain, on a very warm day around Ullswater in the Lake District. The walk was in aid of raising money for Macmillan Charity. All together the team raised in excess of...

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18 Jul

Baked oats

Ingredients 2 bananas halved lengthways (optional can substitute for any fresh fruit of choice) 100g jumbo porridge oats ¼ tsp cinnamon 150ml of milk of your choice, plus extra to serve. 4 walnuts roughly chopped, (change to nut of your choice if prefer) Additional ingredients can be added to suit your appetite, or nutrient goal, i.e. scoop of protein or changing fruit n nuts in the...

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07 Jul

Client of the month – Rebecca Stephenson

Our client of the month is Rebecca Stephenson, Rebecca has been training at Bodypro since 2016, and came to us with no real structure in training and nutritional information, also carrying a minor back tightness an overuse injury due to her chosen sport of archery, with some guidance in her training (recently implementing strength and conditioning work) and nutritional information...

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12 Jun

Recipe of the week – Quiche Lorraine

Quiche Lorraine Prep time 15mins cook time 40 mins Serves 6 people Ingredients Spray olive oil 5 large filo pastry sheets (we used jus-roll) 8 medium eggs 75ml skimmed milk 200g asparagus stalks, chopped and halved , tips reserved 100g lean wafer-thin ham, torn 2 spring onions, chopped 75g reduced-fat cheddar, grated Method 1.heat the oven to 190degree/fan 170degree/gas mark 5. Spray a 22cm round tart tin with oil. 2.put the filo sheets on...

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23 May

Client of the Month – Paula Dalzeil

Paula , female , age 58 and only started to run in the last 5 years – anyone can do this Three years ago this month I began working with Ben and then Chris at Bodypro.  At that point, I could run a bit but had aspirations for doing longer and more difficult challenges.  And, what I knew was that I...

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22 May

Super easy overnight oats

If you find it hard to find time in the mornings for a healthy breakfast then try this. These overnight oats are super easy breakfast idea it takes minutes to prepare giving you more time in the morning and is easy adaptable, you can add dried/fresh fruit, nuts, scoop of protein powder with either milk or water just make sure to...

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