Ivan Bargh

I have been going to Bodypro for several years now. Initially it was to loose weight and improve general fitness. The main benefits I have gained from Bodypro has been in the sound advice and information supplied in relation to my diet, my activities outside Bodypro, lifestyle choices as well as treating and managing my injuries. These benefits as well as being taught how to train and use equipment efficiently has given me the confidence to be able to train anywhere at anytime. I would also acknowledge Bodypros encouragement in setting goals and proposing events to enter in an effort to get me out of my comfort zone. I have entered national indoor rowing events, road races, off road races as well as indoor cycling. I now attend Bodypro as a maintenance program to enable me to train properly twice a week and then the rest is down to me.

Shobna Gulati

I have been a regular client over a 9 year period at Bodypro. Training with the team of professionals who deliver a consistent, committed and challenging session every time without compromise is the best choice I ever made. Im glad for my opportunity of training a Bodypro and i trust them to look after my health and fitness. Its a completely safe environment. My body has remained fit and supple and the older i get the fitter i feel. I work across film theatre and television and believe that this team has kept me able to do my job and made sure im consistently ready to tackle any role without worry about whether im capable physically or emotionally. I have to say my mental health and self confidence has also vastly benefited from regular exercise. Its all round training, i highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to look after themselves mind and body for now and for the future.

Aamina Malik

All the trainers have a personal, professional and friendly approach which makes exercise a lot more enjoyable. Sessions are tailor-made to suit your fitness levels and body type so you always feel like the sessions are manageable. Joining Bodypro two years ago has been a life-changing experience and has been one of the best things I have ever done.

Robin Tweedale

I am 63 yrs old and have been a client of Bodypro for the last 5 or 6 years. Ben and the team have all been great encouraging, supporting and even bullying me, in a nice way, to achieve improvement both in my fitness and weight control. During the time with Bodypro I have completed half a dozen triathlons and completed the Great north Run which were things I never thought possible and at same time have a much better understanding of diet without becoming too self-obsessed about the subject . Top trainers doing great stuff for all their clients and couldn’t help but recommend them to anyone wanting to improve fitness and how they look